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Duck down hidden laneways. Peer through secret pockets. Find yourself in the maze of the city.

A triumph in every respect, the Central Park masterplan is a series of memorable buildings, seamless parklands and open spaces in the heart of Sydney’s new downtown.

Blending old and new architecture, this 21st-century urban village is designed to improve liveability and enrich the surroundings. And now it’s yours to revel in.

Whether on your own steam or via public transport, you’ll find that getting around is exceptionally easy. Just a short walk away is The Goods Line, a shared pedestrian and cycle path providing traffic-free access from Ultimo to Darling Harbour.

If you’re going further afield, or simply a stop or two, Central Station and the Light Rail are right at your door. For cycle-only options, Sydney Cycleways’ extensive routes branch out across the city.

At Wonderland, ‘here, there, anywhere’ is simply moments away.

Curvaceous and audacious. A looking glass onto the world outside. An icon amongst icons. The final stage in the Central Park masterplan.

A dynamic gateway to the city and beyond, nothing about Wonderland is ordinary.

Come closer: the dedication to detail is evident in every angle and every surface. Inspired by the old brewery site on which Wonderland now stands, Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt) have transformed traditional terracotta, copper and brick into a sustainable, contemporary beauty with a sculptural twist.

Embracing the convenience of inner-city living with impeccable style, each apartment layout is designed to soak up the sunlight and views.

Operable louvres and bi-fold screens also give you control over sunshine, shade and privacy. While outside, a network of gently curving pathways interconnects open green spaces, gardens and laneways, with retail adventures right at your door.

The looking glass beckons: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Your adventure begins now...